About Us


What began as a hobby while teaching and making my lunches to help me live a better lifestyle has turned into this business. While meal prepping for myself, I began sharing extras with my coworkers.


Those coworkers began telling their friends who wanted meals, and I started doing this on the side. This eventually grew so much that I retired from teaching and did this out of the kitchen in my home. After we outgrew this space, we decided to take the jump and open a meal prep/bakery in Abbeville.


Keto is life for me. I have spent the last 2 years researching and finding out everything I can about it. I have also perfected lots of yummy Keto-friendly recipes. Now I am selling those yummy desserts, snacks, and side items for others to enjoy.


Many don't have the time to prepare meals for a healthier lifestyle. That's where we come in. Let me and my staff help you and your family live a better life. Call Krazy for Keto to learn more about our keto meals.



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